Tuesday, April 20, 2010

big day

(our front porch at the moment)

i was thinking earlier about how some of the biggest moments in life happen in the midst of the most mundane kind of days. today marked a pretty big milestone in our family's life, but it was also one of those regular old days where i folded about 8 loads of laundry, ran errands, caught up on my to do list, and went through a regular routine with m.

this afternoon, matt and i headed to the title company to sign our lives away...well, not really, but we did sign a huge stack of papers on the house! then we traipsed to the bank and wired a massive amount of money out of our account to cover the downpayment and closing costs. it looks like it will still be about a week before we get the keys because things have been pretty slow on the seller's end of things, which is disappointing because matt took a week off of work to paint and move in. alas, it's kind of out of our control- sort of like everything else has been in this housebuying journey. today at the signing, our realtor told us that this house has been one of the most difficult he's ever worked on. awesome. it felt pretty complicated and stressful along the way, but who am i to know what is par for the course in all of this?

all i know is this: we are going to own a house- for all of the positives and negatives of that...(don't worry- i know there are plenty of drawbacks) for the moment i am sticking to the positives- including that i get to pick paint colors at will & knock out unnecessary walls & have dinner parties with an actual dining room rather than sitting on the couch in our livingroom with a plate on my lap)

(p.s. my secret wish is this: that things will miraculously speed along, that the sellers would suddenly become cooperative & speedy and that we would get the keys this weekend...i'm not holding out hope- but it would be a nice treat since i am due in a MONTH. as in 4 weeks. as in 30 days. just saying. this baby better not come early...)


  1. yeah! do you did help with anything?

  2. that house is awesome! you're going to love love love it!! and you wont have to worry about the neighbors when little baby #2 starts to cry! bliss!

  3. Woohooooo!!! Congratulations! We painted our dining room chimayo red by Ralph Lauren. Just saying. It's a fantastic color. Kind of alizarin crimson with a hint of lead -- deep, rich, but well-grounded. Y'know, in case you were shopping for paint. You'll let me know if you go with that, right?

    Seriously, congratulations, and may all four of you have many happy years there.

  4. Whoops -- I meant the color of lead, not the antiquated and non-child-friendly paint ingredient! I didn't mean to suggest that you should paint your dining room with lead-based paint.


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