Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sneak peek

i got scolded the other day by my friend kristy for mentioning that we were in the roller coaster of possible home ownership and then since i wrote that post, not posting a single picture of the potential casa.

sorry- it has felt so up in the air that i've been trying not to get too excited.
or preemptive in my house blogging for that matter...

i should say this:
we are veeeerrrrrryyyy close to signing papers
(- originally we would've closed this thursday, but things have gotten delayed by about a week)
but this house is not ours-
quite yet.

but, it seems about 99% that things are going to go through, so i figured i'd give a sneak peek of our new place to be...

i can't help it-i'm already planning paint colors...
future changes...
beginning to pack (which matt is really not happy about)...etc etc.

so fun. can't wait!
(i'm sort of ignoring the reality that baby #2 is due in 5 weeks,
and that all of my amazing plans may be postponed a little due to a newborn in the house.)

(these aren't the best photos;
i just snapped a few as we did a walk through inspection a few weeks ago...
there are random items of furniture, etc. in some of these pictures.
it will make for good before and after pics!)

the front of the casa
the livingroom looking into the diningroom on the right & the breakfast nook on the left
part of the kitchen

and this is the random third bedroom downstairs
that makes me feel like i am in a cabin or on a boat or just stuck in 1972:
built in bunk beds anyone?
faux brick linoleum?
so fun to envision what could be!
(sorry nancy, the bunkbeds will be on their way out)
hoping all goes smoothly!
i'll keep you updated...


  1. Oh my gosh! I love it. The built-in bunk beds are awesome but I understand the desire to be without and the "boat" comment is right on. What's funny is the previous owners probably spent a LOT of time and money planning and building that room o' wood but hey, different strokes for different folks!!

  2. awesome. hope the yard has potential for gardening and chickens? if not maybe the bunk beds could double as a coop?

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the news and keep it coming!!

  4. ah yes monte- it does. matt can have his mini-farm like he's always wanted. but he may have to miss out on gardening this summer with having to do inside house stuff plus new baby. yes to the chickens too-don't worry, you and matt can both have little flocks of chickens in your backyards.

  5. it looks so great!

    my boys would love that bunk bed room-o-wood. (:

    here's hoping it all comes through!

  6. kac- i know- actually that room is like a kids dream. if monrovia and baby #2 were a little older...then we'd prob keep the bunk beds but since that room is so far away from the rest of the house, it doesn't make sense to keep them for 5 years or so when it could be a guest room instead. it's hard to tell, but the bunks basically CONSUME the whole room.

  7. it is so beautiful. so excited for you and so excited to see you soon!!!

  8. Gorgeous house!!! Congratulations! I'm sure you guys will cook up some great meals in that kitchen. I'm guessing that someone's dad built the bunk bed room in the 70's, and whoever married into the family since then has desperately wanted to tear it all out but "we can't get rid of Dad's bunk beds -- he slaved over them!"

  9. I am going to lay across the bunk beds when you try and bulldoze them over. our children need to have sleepovers in those bunk beds.

  10. i love the bunkbeds...but see how you might want that space...this is so so so fun!!!

  11. Finally getting a minute to leave a comment - and can I tell you how much I LOVE this sneak peek?! Love love love. So happy and excited for you guys!


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