Friday, April 9, 2010

how time rushes by

this week two sets of friends gave birth to baby girls!
my friend xuchi & her husband welcomed nuala,
and jennifer and her husband luke welcomed flora.

(welcome to this world little ones)

this morning matt, monrovia and i went to the hospital where jennifer gave birth to flora yesterday to drop off treats and coffee. it happens to be the same hospital where m as born almost (just two days shy!) two years ago, and as i thought of my feisty, silly daughter racing around the hospital courtyard while i went to visit this 16 hour old newborn girl, i thought of just how quickly time races by.

here is m, wearing my shoes, traipsing around the livingroom, desperately wanting to be a big girl (and thinking that she is).

it seems like moments go that i was cradling her tiny, brand new body in my arms in a hospital bed, marveling that she had been inside of me and now was out in the world and a part of our family.

it is a treasure, this time.

these mundane days of play and naps and meals and laughter and temper tantrums and sickness and school and learning and screamfests and trips to the park and the store and the library. it goes so quickly. m is no longer a baby- now she is a girl.

in a month or so i will be back in that hospital bed, holding another little life in my arms, marveling at his or her soft head and flailing arms, discovering this second baby's temperament and personality. and then before i know it, that child will be racing around, trying to wear shoes that are too big, trying to keep up with his or her big sister.

so i tell myself,
slow down. enjoy. soak it up. remember. be patient. write things down.
hug & kiss & tell my daughter that she is a delight and wonder
and that i am so glad to be her mommy.

(slow down & cherish the day you're given)


  1. amen.
    roro is so beautiful.
    wanna get together this week?

  2. thanks for the beautiful reminder. so loving that picture of m in your her!

  3. love my neice. Sad I missed her b-day. L.A. wasn't all it was cracked up to be :(


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