Wednesday, May 25, 2011

cocktails & cupcakes

can't get enough of this little one
and can't get over how she was born a whole year ago!
last night we had a couple of friends and family over to toast a year of ruby
 & we had cocktails (i know, shocking) to celebrate surviving a year of parenting two kids,
and ruby got her very own cupcake.

suffice it to say, she loved her birthday treats! 
it was only a teeny two bite cupcake, so she wanted more, more, more!
she cried when i took the cake stand full of cupcakes away from her.

my little munchkin & me


  1. great party. great daughter. great mom.

  2. I love the cocktails and cupcakes ideas!

  3. kisses to ruby...and you of course! and monrovia! just a high five to the man of the house.

  4. love that she couldn't get enough of the cupcakes!

  5. you make cute kids. and that photo of the two of you is awesome.

  6. Happy (belated) birthday, Ruby! Oh, I love her big, soulful eyes! I can't believe she is already one year old. Wow!


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