Wednesday, May 4, 2011


this is my new favorite picture of my three favorite handfulls.

nine years ago, 
matt came to visit me for the weekend 
(he lived in southern california & i lived in oakland).
he told me not to make any plans
(which of course i did anyway-unintentionally uncooperative)
i had my regular 6 a.m. friday coffee date with my friend courtney,
and he showed up to kidnap me.
(courtney kept saying,
"he's going to propose to you today!" 
but i wasn't so sure)

matt made a list of what i needed to grab from the house,
and off we drove,
headed south.

matt knows i love presents,
so the back seat was full of presents wrapped in newsprint for me to open.
(24 presents to open to be exact, how awesome is that!)

i won't go into all the details
but suffice it to say,
it was a wonderful day of adventuring
opening little presents
enjoying the sunshine in santa cruz
dancing along highway 1
 big sur
hiking down to the ocean
watching a little seal frolic
and then

sitting on the rocks
as the pacific ocean lapped against them
matt asked 
to marry him

and i said 

and now i forget the rest
(except that i kept opening presents the whole drive home-
and that my sweet husband to be was so exhausted from preparing 
that he fell asleep on the drive back)

it was the best answer i ever gave to anyone about anything

i'd say yes all over again
every day
for the rest of my life


  1. What a great post, loved it:)))

  2. The falafel place on Mission?!?!? I *loved* that place when I lived in Santa Cruz. And please tell me you took your falafel out to West Cliff Drive and ate it while the huge Pacific waves crashed against the rocks.

    Great proposal story! Considerably more romantic than mine, but I'm equally pleased with my answer.

    I've been trying to comment on the great post with pictures of M making art, but Blogger has been arguing with my browser. Suffice to say that I love those pictures.

  3. Um, how smokin' hot is your husband, how adorable is his teeny simulacrum, and how deeelish is your mini-me?? Wish we were closer. xxoo


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