Friday, May 27, 2011

i wish

this was an awesome post, full of wisdom and wit.

BUT. it probably won't be.

i'm so exhausted. i have been working around the clock (ah- yes, when you drive my my house at 2 am, that would be me sitting at our dining room table, hunched over a little painting- feel free to wave hello) to get 5 cards done for papyrus by june 1st.

(here is a sample of the mid-way stages of three of the card designs i am painting. 
some are closer than others...)

meanwhile, my left tear duct has decided to go on strike, so my left eye is all swollen and puffy, which makes me look even more tired. (also, it is irritating- not like the annoying kind of irritating, but the painful kind.)

i'm so out of shape, and had kind of stopped going to the gym. instead i decided to do some workout dvd's when the girls were asleep. do you watch the biggest loser? i don't- i've never even watched one episode. but i needed a dvd that would kick my butt & that i could squeeze in during the day. so i bought a jillian michael's dvd (in case you don't know, she's been a trainer on the biggest loser.) first of all, i've never been skinny, but i used to work out a lot- cardio, yoga, strength training. even when i was preggers with m i would work out an hour a day-up until the day i gave birth. but i've sort of slid off of the exercise bandwagon and even though i've gone on lots of walks, etc. i never go to the gym anymore. the point of why i am telling you all of this, is that one 20 minute workout dvd is kicking. my. butt.

and really, more than my kicking my butt? my quads are killing. ouch. (but that's good, right?)

so all in all, on this lovely friday, i am a tired, puffy eyed, sore wreck.

so happy it is the weekend.


  1. Sorry you're feeling so blah -- but the cards are great!

    When Ben was a baby his tear ducts would get blocked. The pedi told us to massage them gently to get them going again; it usually worked.

    My word verification word is "fries". Huh. I'm in more of a chocolate mood, actually.

  2. i would like to request a photo of the tired, puffy eyed, sore wreck. thank you.

  3. you're still hot. have good hair.

  4. I love your cards. Can you tell me where I can find them?

  5. well sooz, you have again proven this to be true: you gotta go big or go home. nice work!

    is it bad that i kind of wished to see a picture of your eye on this post. i bet you are still beautiful.

    also, i like how this batch of cards throw back to some of your earlier work(s). love. it. come june 1 - you are gonna be done. and done. (well, until next time).

    sending you much love.

  6. Wow, you're incrediably talented...I am sure you already know that. Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork with us.

  7. your art and your words are my fave (always love the sneak peeks!).

    how're your eyes?

    are you doing 30 day shred? i have loved that workout (it kicks my butt)...but it's been about 10 months since i've done it (excuses, excuses! :-)).


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