Monday, May 9, 2011

he's my favorite

he's my favorite,
and he will be,
even when he is old.

april 30th is matt's birthday.
he likes to gloat that he is younger than me (but only by 3 months and 2 weeks, my friends!)

since one of our favorite things to do is eat, we made a fancy birthday dinner.
that's right,
we didn't go out to eat, 
we made it at home,
and i even made a pretty little menu.
(the girls semi-cooperated with us. they have been a little squirrely at bedtime lately. 
luckily we spent most of the day (and friday night) prepping so that we could eat soon after they went down.)

matt got us started with some delicious (and very strong) drinks.
mixmaster at work:
creatures of the sea? not for me.
but hey, it wasn't my birthday, so he got to pick and execute much of the menu.
matt gets into these little rascals, 
so he went to town on some oysters for an appetizer.
i can't imagine eating one of these,
but matt can down them like they're candy.

i made up a little menu for our birthday meal.

the most amazing green lasagna
from david tanis' platter of figs cookbook
 very labor intensive, but worth it!
(also equaled delicious leftovers!)
 and then, 
matt's duck confit with potatoes roasted in duck fat (don't knock it til you've tried it) 
and a simple green salad.
 i made two desserts. 
a rhurbarb sorbet (so easy)
 and an amazingly good chocolate cake, 
modeled after the version we had at the oyster bliss event a few weeks ago.

it was a little risky to make this brand new recipe for matt's birthday cake, 
but it was really rich and perfect.
i almost forgot to stop eating & take a picture!

as you can see, we kept cutting away little non-pieces over the next week
until none remained.

our birthday meal was finished off with some irish coffee!
happy birthday goodness to my favorite person!
{here is to another year of eating and drinking and sharing life together}


  1. i am drooling right now.

  2. I had to wonder what you meant on the menu by "carry on" -- until I realized that it was yet more food! (I thought it was a reference to other forms of celebration.) Anyway, sounds like a lovely evening. Happy birthday to the youngster! (I recently tripped over the four-oh milestone, so I'm allowed to say things like that.)

  3. you two are amazing. happy day Matt!!

  4. Drooling too, right now, even though i'm full on chocolate.

  5. I am coming to Oakland just so you can cook for me. Oh my.

    As for your swim cap problem, what kind of cap do you have? A few Moms told me to get a lycra one in adult size. Is that what you have??


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