Monday, May 16, 2011

happy monday!

it has been a really busy week, with lots to post about! 
plenty of peaceful moments like this with my girls 
(one reason i love nursing is that i can stop and sit, 
one reason i hate nursing is that i have to stop and sit), 

and lots of activity last week and in the week ahead: multiple mother's day celebrations, teacher appreciation week at m's school that i helped out with, a fun out of town visitor, five freelance deadlines for papyrus, an art grant deadline...

this morning i am savoring the last day with my dear friend daphne, who is visiting from michigan. more glimpses of the week to come!

just thinking a lot about nursing as ruby approaches one a week from tomorrow! (crazy, right!)
for the moms who have breastfed-how long did you nurse? did you have a complex relationship with nursing like i do, and love it sometimes and not so much love it other times?


  1. love love love that photo...this is what life is all about.

    nursing: wish i nursed longer! jude 11mths (i was preggers) and dels 15mths

  2. Ben was totally breastfed through about 4-5 months, continued getting a lot of his nourishment that way through about 10-11 months, and then was in "comfort nursing" mode until 15 months when we called it quits. One thing I *always* hated was pumping -- rushing home from work to hook myself up, and then I sit there for 45 minutes to produce a measly little 4 ounces of milk. He'd spit up more after a bottle, and when he did, I'd be looking at 30 minutes of my life in a little soggy puddle on the sofa cushion. (Bottles were mainly for when I was at work.) So going to "comfort mode" where I didn't have the pressure of trying to nourish him was a huge relief. It was sad to wean, but good to get back to feeling like my body was finally MINE alone after two full years of dedication to another.

  3. I HATED pumping, too (I worked with Matt) - every lunch break was dedicated to it. After a while, I just had him on formula at daycare and nursed at home (he weaned at about 12 months - my choice, and also because I was pregnant with Nolan). Nolan nursed until he was about 12 months old - after a solid four years of being pregnant or nursing, I was just "done." It was bittersweet, but sort of a relief to have my body back again. I do miss those sweet snuggly baby times, though!

  4. That's a really nice picture! We've got the same pillow sheets and I am living in Germany. Lol.

  5. at a year, it worked for me...she started wiggling around so much, it got hard to nurse...she mourned it (and me too) for a couple of days, but I think it was a good time to call it quits. my supply had been depleating too

  6. As your beautiful picture shows so well, nursing adds an experience and a special kind of bonding for older siblings too. I nursed two singletons for one year each; my twins I nursed for just six months. Weaning with all seemed natural and "just the right time."

  7. I nursed Henry 17 months, but after 1 it was not all day on demand. I switched to first thing in the morning and last before brushing teeth and going to bed at 12 months, then down to just bedtime at 15 months. He decided when he was done, but I might have weaned at 18 months if he hadn't made that decision.
    I'm nursing Jack right now as I type.

  8. I'm glad you are back. Excessive Daily views seemingly disappoint, only to see that you are happy with Matt turning 35 again.I can only read it like 17 times. Not that that blog was excessively read, I just yearn for your blog like an acoustic of Sigh no more or a daily glass of hot chamomile tea. Both which warm the heart.

  9. yay- you're back!

    p.s. I wanted to nurse the twins forever, or at least a little longer...nursed just a.m. & p.m. for a month & cold turkey at 10 months...they were more interested in each other than nursing.

  10. ... 3.5 years each, both k & q in the last 1.5 years, it was just a bedtime/early morning snuggly sort of thing; this meant lots of pumping during the year I commuted to Boston for 3 days out of the week, but it was worth it.


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