Tuesday, May 3, 2011

scattered thoughts-tuesday, 8 pm

my daughter (finally) let me braid her hair

the sound of my girls giggling as they fall asleep in their room

iced coffee at 4 p.m

homemade rhubarb sorbet

roasted carrots

the front door wide open, and still light outside

the pink hue of blossoms on our apple tree

a quiet, still house

a full day, 
a good day

{so much i am grateful for- the big and the small, all of it a gift}


  1. love the braid! you'll have to teach me how for when sadie gets hair. btw, mom told me you want to learn to sew too. we should get together and figure it out together! we'll have the same sewing machine too

  2. Monrovia's hair is so long! Great for braiding too. She's looking so old!


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