Monday, May 30, 2011

rewinding a bit

oh goodness, life is just hurtling along.

this morning as i was attempting (and failing) to sleep just a bit longer {failing because as of 6 am a wide-awake 3 year old had hijacked the other side of the bed and was forcibly sharing my pillow}, i thought about how full the last month or so has been. and the month before that. and so on...

somehow the days pass so much more quickly than i have time to post these days. so, a little bit of a rewind over the last month, starting with our pre-emptive mother's day celebration. matt planned a day full of fun on friday of mother's day weekend, since we celebrated his mom on saturday and my mom on sunday. he had already spoiled me with a pretty letterpress card every day that week. it was a busy weekend! my favorite is when he makes all the plans and i get to just go along for the ride...
we hoped into the car for our secret adventure,
and true to matt form, 
i never could've guessed how our day would unfold:
 the tow reasons i get to celebrate mother's day in the first place

we started out in our own city...matt pulled over at a random industrial looking building that
surprise! houses a vietnamese bakery. 

{driving up to it, it reminded me of when i was in grad school; our grad studios were in an industrial warehouse full of different businesses. on the floor above my studio there was a bakery that made muffins to be packaged up and sold at different places (like trader joe's.) there was no signage, just a big open industrial looking space with racks and racks of muffins cooling and mixers the size of a smart car. if you wandered in with a little cash (i think it was $1.50) and a hungry look on your face, someone in an apron would come over and make the trade-your cash for a black market muffin. 
but i digress...}
 i stayed in the car with the girls and matt emerged with a bag full of massive croissants 

 notice, the croissant is larger than my hand.
 breakfast in hand, we drove to our first destination...
an hour or so later we pulled up to
why would matt think i'd want to go to a goat farm?
because i love love love goat cheese, 
and at this awesome spot
you can sample tons of goat cheese. 
pretty much my heaven.

 these little snuggly goats are only 4 days old!

 m sneaking a peek at the baby goats
 ruby was a little cold

 look at that little smile.
 her toothless grin kills me
 ruby takes a turn watching the baby goats

 there are a couple of llamas at the farm too

the girls played pretend with the wooden kid sized dining set while i went inside and sampled lots of goat cheese:
 after loading up on goat cheese, we headed into the town of pescadero where we window shopped & went to duarte's for some lunch & a piece of their famous pie
we accidentally ate all the pie before i could get a picture

with full bellies, we piled into the car and headed home with a stop off in half moon bay to drop in on the store that m's teacher and her husband own and then back to oakland for naptime!
matt's parents arrived that afternoon, so we had babysitters for a night out!
matt gave me a little mother's day gift of cuteness that i could wear for our dinner out -
(cute, right? i'd admired them on my friend jennifer, whose nice husband got them for her, 
and matt tracked them down with her help.)
once the girls were down, we headed out to a surprise location for dinner!
matt picked plum,
a newish oakland restaurant that stays open super late.
we realized it was the first time we'd been out just the two of us in a very long time; 
i loved it.
we sat right here, at the bar, and got to watch them prepare all of the food.
the food was all so delicate and intentional and pretty.
(although some dishes were better than others)
our favorite part?
the desserts-they were amazing.

over dinner matt had me share the ways i think i'm a good mom,
so it was fun to think about the things i love about mothering my girls.

all in all it was a fabulous day,
followed up by a little actual mother's day celebrating with a movie on sunday night!
(we saw the movie win win, which was great)

hooray for treats, goats, adventures, shoes, yummy food, and most of all, 
hooray for my little family that i love from here to the sky.


  1. that matt is a good man.

    ps: love the photo of m with her bte showing!

  2. You got a good one, girl! Way to go, Matt.

  3. i lovelovelove every bit of this day for you!


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