Wednesday, December 31, 2008

5 words or phrases i use too much on my blog and in real life

1. pretty much: i pretty much say pretty much all the time.

2. literally: so easy to toss in a sentence. literally. so. easy.

3. amazing: i'm sure you've noticed if you've read more than 2 posts..i think a lot is amazing.

4. cute or the variations supercute + cuteness: ok, so this one i use a little more in real life, but the blog is not exempt from cute.

5. apparently: as in, apparently i pretty much think everything is supercute. or apparently i have a very limited vocabulary. this one is all in the tone of voice that you say it. this is a new one in my vocabulary roster this year. 

{addendum- i forgot a word:}

5 1/2. seriously: this one is friends with literally, but i use this one liberally in all sorts of conversations.


  1. If I don't watch myself, I can start every sentence in a post with "but" or "so" in "SO, today we went to ... BUT then something else happened..." Easy to fall into your patterns when you're pressed for time!

  2. my phrase in portland was 'not so much' the point that my friend jinnina gave me a shirt that said so as a good bye present. so! we can be pretty much and not so much when we um, write a children's story about ourselves. (?)


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