Monday, December 15, 2008

making a list and checking it twice.

i feel like my life often consists of to do lists that are entirely to long in the first place. who am i kidding? i squish like 40 things onto a list, most of which i could not accomplish in a day pre-baby, and then get frustrated with myself when i don't get them all done. silly, i know. the reality is that i have an active and needing attention 8 month old (add in all that her hearing loss entails time and energy wise) and well, that means that all my glorious plans and to do's fall by the wayside most of the time. so, imagine my delight to find some lists that have nothing to do with getting things done. i'm hoping that somewhere under the tree will be the book listography, but if not, i can still make some autobiographical lists on their online site.

usually i send out some sort of end of the year letter, list, or drawing with our annual christmas card. this year i'm keeping the cards short, sweet, and simple; in lieu, i'll throw some end of the year and assorted lists up here on the blog until january 1st. today i'll start out with a random one...

perfect lazy saturday activities:
  • latte at peets + scone at arizmendi, eat and drink on the sidewalk, then wander through farmer's market
  • coffee and toast and jam at pizzaiolo
  • reading the paper in bed
  • hanging out with friends around our firepit
  • making pear bread and then hanging out to eat it in pj's
  • snuggle time 
  • walking lake merritt
  • driving into san francisco for treats at the ferry building + a trip to moma
  • absolutely no plans with anyone, anywhere
  • a good workout at the gym, with no competing for the treadmill and either something really good on the tv or a bunch of good magazines to read, and then no plans the rest of the day
  • a late afternoon matinee so that when you come out it's suddenly dark outside
  • sleeping in and then watching a top chef marathon on bravo
  • walking up in the redwoods on a clear, crisp day with matt
  • sitting out in the garden while matt plants and weeds and harvests
  • planning a big meal with lots of courses and then cooking for hours
  • laying in a hammock in the sun with a really cold diet coke and a straw and a stack of magazines
  • painting in the studio while matt plays with little m nearby
  • a lazy drive down the 1 on a bright and sunny day on the way to a picnic lunch in big sur

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  1. Lists are indeed the best. I do not know how I would function in life without them. Your list is an especially good one today. Love that they will be peppering your blog through the end of the year.

    I have been meaning to tell you that I had a chance to tweak our site's feed and was wondering if it is working properly now. If you ever have a chance, I'd love it if you could check it out again.

    Thanks for your Nutcracker story. Absolutely the best story I have ever heard about Matt.


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