Friday, December 5, 2008


i love fridays. i love the sun glinting through the trees in my backyard at the end of the day. i love my mom's oatmeal bread. i love all things letterpress. i love diet coke from the fountain with pebble-y ice, not crushed or cubed. i love sleeping in. i love my daughter's contagious smile when she sees me. i love apples to apples. i love running into people i know at the supermarket. i love getting presents in the mail. i love mac makeup. i love cream cheese frosting. i love peonies. i love fireflies. i love the smell of rose perfume, because it reminds me of delsie julien. i love texting. i love friends with history. i love jesus. i love oakland. i love watching tv online. i love a really good cry after a really hard day. i love getting my hair cut. i love the sound of bare feet pattering on the floor. i love the bathroom wallpaper at matt's parents'. i love oil paint. i love going to u2 concerts. i love hard cider. i love naps. i love really good bread. i love wearing the new clothes i've bought as soon as i get home and then wearing that same thing like 5 times in a week. i love good short stories. i love the sunday styles section of the new york times. i love staying up really late. i love when my husband makes me laugh when i am trying to be really mad at him. i love treating people to dinner. i love nailing really hard parallel parking spots. 

and that's just the beginning...


  1. well, that is a whole lotta love...

  2. and i love YOU! you reminded me that i left a lot out...i might have to do a part deux ;)


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