Thursday, December 11, 2008

welcome baby judah

this is a bit belated, as baby judah immanuel was born november 23rd, but...

welcome, little one, into this world.

we've been waiting for you with open arms and hearts, and now you are finally here! if you are anything like your poppa, you will be tenderhearted and compassionate, an artist and dreamer. if you are anything like your momma, you will be loyal, passionate, wise, authentic and above the law at all times. i'm sure you'll have a healthy dose of both of their faith, senses of humor (nyquist crank calls + marsh family hijinks) and deep commitment to family and friends.

we love you already. 


  1. Oh my gosh! i am so honored to make the blog! we love it! laughing at the descriptions of mom and feels good to be known so well by friends :) also fyi, judah was born nov. 23rd. i know you wanted saturday cause that was your were the closet though

  2. Lovely, lovely post and photos. I remember seeing photos of little Miss M at that age. How things change!


  3. maybe some day they'll let me meet him? LOL


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