Friday, December 5, 2008

shake it like a polaroid picture

i think polaroid cameras are pretty fantastic. i always wanted one growing up, and now that i am a grown up, i think matt and i now have 3 of them - even if we don't use them that often. there is something so atmospheric and glowy about polaroid pictures that regular prints can't compare to. in february of this year polaroid announced they were going to cease producing polaroid film, which is just ridiculous. for those of you who know what gocco machines are, you know there's a campaign to save the gocco, and now there's one to save polaroids too. (both are worth saving if you ask me...)

of course it is far from the same thing, but i found this amazing program online that makes your digital images look like polaroids. check out the poladroid website for hours of fun (i promise!) 

you can see a few of mine above. you just drag your photo onto the polaroid icon and it transforms your photo into a "polaroid." the best features are that a. it makes the polaroid camera click sound when ejects your print onto the desktop b. it "develops" just like a regular polaroid on your screen- the image slowly appears and c. you can only do ten at a time, just like the normal polaroid set of ten prints. 

so, i'm sure this is far from satisfying for purists, but it's friday! aren't fridays for wasting a little time with mindless things? you can thank me later.


  1. Oh my gosh. Thank you. I now know what I am going to do with my day. YES.

  2. i have 3 polaroids - all different sizes and styles!!! thank you for giving me the best news i've heard all day. i was about to put my polaroid film on ebay...hahaha! jokes.


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