Wednesday, December 10, 2008


forget all of my glorious plans for today: go to the gym, do brilliant blog entry, do christmas cards, go on a walk with m, work in the studio...

i woke up feeling itchy, scratchy ears and throat, crazy congestion, and stuffed up nose. i slept all morning, and still feel like sleeping for a few hours more, so my to do list has been thrown out the window. sigh.

i hate being sick, because i feel very unproductive and lazy; since i'm self-employed, i've never had a job where you get actual sick days. you would think that i am such a fan of lounging in cozies and snuggling in blankets that i'd love being sick in bed. but, not so much. since my mind is a little fuzzy and incoherent i'm going to cut this blog entry off now- before i continue rambling. 

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  1. hey sickypants, feel better soon. i totally understand the tension...just be glad you don't have to write 2 papers in that mess! love you and sending well wishes!


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