Tuesday, December 16, 2008

another day, another list

continuing in the spirit of listing things, here are some things that i myself am not so good at. maybe they'll fall at the wayside in 2009? one can only hope. (and one can work to change, i know, i know)

things that i'm not very good at:
  • returning phone calls. i'm kind of the worst ever. really. the. worst. 
  • taking the itty bitty sticker off of the piece of fruit and putting it in the trash. i usually just stick it somewhere random in the kitchen.
  • having a very organized closet (although it's improved by about 453% since 1996!)
  • taking care of myself when i'm sick.
  • wanting to clean the bathroom (notice, i say wanting; i am very good at cleaning bathrooms, that is not the issue. i had to every saturday morning growing up, but i kind of put it off because i don't really want to...)
  • games that involve any form of strategery. for instance, games like settlers of catan or cards. not my thing. not how my mind works-i think it could be super fun, i'm just not too good at figuring out who has what card and what cards are left in the deck, etc...anytime i win a one of those games it is merely chance.
  • having any type of memory (um, matt, this admission cannot be used against me next time you think i maybe have forgotten something important.)
  • vacuuming my car out or taking in the coffee cups i put in the cupholders.
  • unpacking after a trip.
  • lately, going to the gym.
  • reading books from front to back, cover to cover.
  • getting my digital pictures actually printed; instead they live on my computer for years and years.
  • charging my cell phone and remembering to take it off silent (which makes me have to return more calls, which if you see #1 makes my life more difficult than it needs to be)
  • remembering the names of people from high school.
  • saying, when it rains, "it's so good it's raining. we really need the rain." um, maybe so, but i still don't like it.
  • having a good attitude when sleep or food deprived (i used to think i did, and then i had little m, and now, not so much. especially the sleep part.)
  • getting the oil changed at 3,000 miles.
  • getting out of a target in less than 45 minutes and spending less than $50, even if i went in to buy a toothbrush.
uh, i think that's enough not-too-good-ats for one day, even though, don't worry, i know i have plenty of other flat spots!


  1. i could make a much longer list of things you are really good at ;) and i am not so good at about half your list too - especially the Target one - they have everything :)

  2. I want to know who COULD include wanting to clean the bathroom on their list. There are so many better and more fun things to do. I think that should be on the things you are good at list.

  3. Oh my, this is a great list. You would not believe where I find those dang fruit stickers! Grrrr, I hate it because I never realize they're there until I bite into it, or cut it, then it's just a matter of getting it out of the way for the immediate consumption instead of being responsible with my trash and throwing them out. ::sigh:: it's a tough life. :)


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