Tuesday, December 2, 2008


today it is very gray outside. (or do you like to spell it grey better? i can't decide.) i am not so much for the dreary days when all of the world seems washed over with a layer of gr(e/a)yishness; it feels very melancholy to me, and as much as there is a time and place for woe, i prefer the sort of morning when the light is streaming in through the windows, waking you up, pulling you outside. 

today seems a bit blah.

the upside is that little m and i just hung out for almost an hour and a half in my bed, playing under the covers and being silly. sometimes i was maybe resting an itsy bit, with an eye or two closed, but we were playing all the same. i am not a couch potato - we don't even own a tv, but i do like to snuggle in bed; it is practically one of my favorite things. i hope to groom little m to be a world class bed hanger-outer-in. anyway, it's making me happy this morning that we were cozy and fun, so now to plan things for the rest of the day to banish the grey away...

a long walk with m in the stroller and a warm, but not itchy, scarf

cute things on etsy like this and this or maybe this

grilled cheese + soup (my favorite yucky day meal)

fold lots of laundry into neat little stacks and then put it all away

a trip to goodwill (purging random stuff feels extra good + you never want to do a boring errand like that on a nice day)

write super belated thank you notes while drinking some hot tea and looking out at matt's winter garden

a visit to see new baby judah, little m's newest boyfriend (she literally is robbing the cradle- bad joke, i know; sorry, i couldn't resist)

work on finishing some valentine's day card ideas up for papyrus

crawl around on the floor with little m


  1. i love purging "random" stuff, aka stuff you do not actually use, have not used in years (esp. if that means 6th grade), or is broken and WILL NEVER WORK AGAIN (get over it!).

    you know who i am.

  2. i love the rob the cradle joke. hahahahahha am i corny? whatever...


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