Thursday, February 5, 2009

all over the place

{my bro jonathan and i circa 1980}

so, a lot of blogs i read are about art, or being a mom, or having a deaf/special needs child, or design/fashion/style, and so on. sometimes i think my blog is all over the place: one day i talk about cute shoes and the next i write about mlk's vision of a less consumeristic society. one day it's about the latest on little m's surgery and the next i'm detailing the yummy meal we cooked the night before.

to be honest though, it feels like this blog often contains the most parts of myself in one place: art,parenthood, belief, aesthetics, family, friends, stories with no point... sometimes the different worlds i find myself in don't collide much, but on here, i throw it all together into a susannah stew.

so, what you see is what you get. i think i'm sort of all over the place in real life too + full of contradictions, issues, delight, randomness...

enjoy the messiness.

{thanks for stopping by}


  1. I love the Susannah Stew! I love that your blog is a place where you share different parts of your story...because isn't that what life is? Yummy food and hard days and pretty little things and being a mom and creating and wondering...

  2. maybe i should change my blog name to susannah stew? ;)

  3. I love it and it's refreshing! It's nice to read about (and think about) something other than hearing loss once in a while! Keep the "all over the place" coming!

  4. just catching up on reading your blog which i absolutely love to do! i love the photos. i love you. i think the shoe purchases were great. it was so good to read that Holland essay again. i also love the outline of the trees in the sunrise/sunsets. in fact at 7 this morning i was trying to take a shot of the most beautiful Philadelphia sunrise ever with my phone, but it just didn't work, a huge area of sky was pinkish/orangish, just amazing. i also love it when it is raining and the sun is shining at the same time, always wanted to chronicle it somehow and call it sunreign, too bad i lack the artistic skills to do this . . . but i do know someone who does :-)


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