Friday, February 6, 2009


there are four kids in my family; two girls and two boys, and we are all two years apart. i am the eldest -but not necessarily the wisest. 2 years after i burst into the world, my brother jonathan exploded on the scene. 2 years after that, rebecca came in all of her glory, and finally, 2 years after rebecca, aaron made his way into the family. we are quite the handful, the four of us. when i think back to my mother, all of 31 years, with four rambunctious children under the age of six, i wonder how in earth she did it. just little susannah without the other three was likely trouble enough!

when he was little, aaron acquired the nickname 'b' (which is a longer story) among other affectionate monikers. to this day i usually call him b; i admit, it's confusing. 

today i also call him the birthday boy

aaron has always been thoughtful (except for the unfortunate incident when he electrocuted our turtle fredericka and then lied and covered it up for the next twenty-some years!) he is also loyal, creative, and the king of rallying for adventures! above is a sweet drawing he made me many years ago, back when he couldn't even spell my name. ironically, i think that the turtle slayer drew a turtle(!) lounging on the island in the top of the drawing. the bottom of the page shows b (the tow head on the left) talking to me, (the big mouthed girl on the right) on the phone. well, i think that is who those people are supposed to be, unless he was drawing me talking on the phone to some boy i had a crush on. (not unlikely- i was a bit boy crazy)

either way, here's to the enduring love of magic marker on lined paper.
here's to february 6th!
xoxo little brother!

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