Thursday, February 5, 2009

hello supercute, nice to meet you

the other day little m and i traipsed into anthropologie; i had a gift card and the sale section was calling my name...i had just enough on my card for this red pair of amazingness. i also kind of adore that the inside of the shoe is pale aqua - no one else will know but me (and you!)

as matt knows, 
i have a weakness for boots, 
so luckily these were far far outside of my budget. 
but cute nonetheless... 

and i must admit that a pair of these 
(but half the cost in the store than they are online) 
slipped into my shopping bag; 
after all, i did have a nice $50 bill that i had been saving for a little something cute. 
i thought they would look perfect with the sweater matt's parents got me for my birthday...
or at an art opening...
or when i feel like un-frumping myself. 
but now that i'm home i'm beginning to waver - are these cute? 
or was i blinded my love at first sight but not being practical? 


  1. Unfortunately I don't think I can help... I am a shoe-a-holic. There are always fun times for new shoes or trying new styles. But--my one rules is that you have to absolutely love them. So maybe that's what you have to decide. They are pretty fun though!

  2. they are all hot! you & anna would get along so well ;) she LOVES shoes - all kinds. you have great taste Sooz!

  3. Love your purchases. Wear them around the house with different outfits to make sure you love them...if not, you can always take them back. (I don't think my Anthropologie has!)

    After meeting our new and fab audiologist last week, Viv and I took ourselves to Anthropologie and bought a way-too expensive candle to celebrate. Now my house smells like Anthro. Love it.


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