Tuesday, February 3, 2009

welcome to holland (part 2)


here we are, in holland so to speak. 

two thoughts:
first: considering all of little m's appointments, and doctors, and specialists, we have met a whole lot of people in the last 9 months. the gift is that the people we have encountered have been so kind, generous, and accommodating.  it amazes me how m's therapist lights up every friday morning when we walk through the door, or how her audiologist would bend over backwards to fit us in to her very busy day. i continue to encounter people who embrace us where we are at: the parents and teachers and volunteers at m's school are so welcoming, and understanding, people i meet online whose own children are deaf or heart of hearing pass along words of encouragement and advice, our lawyer with the let them hear foundation is the kindest woman who wants to gobble little m up every time we see her...and then there are those who have been a part of our journey even before this part of life started, our friends and family. i know i've mentioned the things that people shouldn't say, or other missteps along the way, but our friends and family support us in such tangible and ongoing ways. even when we don't exactly know what we need. i am so grateful.

second: i constantly remember that there are always those who have it harder than i do. let me tell you, we've spent quite a bit of time in children's hospital this year, and every time i am there it is humbling. there are so many families who have children who are fighting syndromes, or illness, or circumstance with courage and grace. it reminds me that even though i have moments of grief, and our life may look a look different than i expected, that i have so much to be thankful for.

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  1. i love your blog! i love reading it and letting it be a window into your world. i'm getting caught up on old ones, too. i love all the shoe pictures and will show them to my husband as he usually comments on your fun shoes when he sees you, don't forget!


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