Tuesday, February 24, 2009

{little m right after her surgery chillaxing}
little m's surgery was a great success, and i'll have more tomorrow.
today we hung out and recovered after a looooong night 
in which little m decided to rock it as a party girl and stay up 
all. night.long. 
did i mention all
we are soooo tired, but also thankful.

we are thrilled that she is returning to normal; 
that is, grabbing cheerios by the handful and stuffing them in her mouth 
and trying to climb and crawl everywhere.


  1. I'm so glad to hear it! She looks great. Purple bandage -- very stylish!

  2. oh good! I wanted to stop by tonight, but I didn't know how wiped out you'd be, and what she's be up for. We'll try to stop by after work tomorrow. Crazy that she was awake all night!

  3. Oh, Monrovia was just being a night owl like her momma! Hope tonight includes lots of sleep and sweet dreams... :)

  4. Was so glad and relieved to read that all has gone well. m is so darn cute...even in a purple bandage.

  5. Little Miss Cutie Pie M, you look stunning in your purple "hat". So, so happy to know you're all well (despite long nights).

  6. Reading your experience has me in tears. To think that Ethan could have been implanted early and so much frustration and anger on his little life, and then to know that your child will get to chat up her life with you and every single person that comes into her life. I know for Ethan being out of touch was his biggest struggle. He still says...remember when I could not hear you...and I just smile and thank God for this modern day miracle that our precious children get to live. Give that little squishy girl a hug.


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