Monday, February 9, 2009

it's monday, in case you forgot

things i like today:
  • my new phone
  • sunshine outside (yay)
  • the genius feature on itunes (LOVE.)
  • other people's blogs (mine is kind of boring today, sorry)
  • matt's kickin' veggie minestrone a la the art of simple food, our go-to + all-things-taste fabulous-out-of cookbook
  • the red sweater i'm wearing today that i rediscovered after like two years (all new but not at all new)
  • waking up well-rested 
  • amy, our awesome advocate from let them hear who is fighting for our sweet little m's surgery
  • my husband (for about 874 reasons)
things i don't like today:
  • insurance companies
  • being on hold with, hunting down, and having to be cordial but firm with insurance companies when i really want to scream at them potty mouth style
  • black licorice
  • my hair. i need a haircut like nobody's business. really.
  • bad drivers
  • did i mention insurance companies?


  1. things i don't like today...going back to work in a week. things i like, texts from you saying Let Them Hear got you a surgery date

  2. The day I get a job is the day I get the new Envy phone. Cannot wait. :)

    Best of luck with insurance peeps!

  3. love the painting in the new header of the blog. i say socialize socialize socialize medicine!


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