Saturday, February 28, 2009

pretty little thing

the other day i was at diesel books in oakland, and i saw this tiny little cellophane wrapped book. no title, no description, no way to peek inside. but the outside of it was so pretty, and the wrapping had a little sticker on it that said it was a collaboration between  Jón Þór Birgisson (singer for Sigur Rós, who i love) and Alex Somers (his partner, but his name on the sticker meant nothing to me until i looked it up when i got home.) i figured that it likely had a similar visual aesthetic to the band's aural aesthetic, so i got it, sight unseen, as a little present for matt.
i had such self control that i waited and let matt open it up. it's pretty. and haunting. i just wish the book itself, and therefore the images as well, was a bit bigger. but it's a tiny little treasure...and i think we need more little surprise treasures in our lives.


  1. i adore pretty little things, and this definitely fits the bill. what a lovely surprise treasure - and i enjoy that it was something you could gift to matt.

    how's miss m doing, sweet trooper?! (you and matt are troopers, too!)

  2. i heart siguros!!!!!!!!!!!! great find ;)


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