Thursday, February 19, 2009

snip snip chop chop

i wasn't really planning on doing anything drastic this week; 
but then my hair stylist and friend maryann called me back saying 
she had a last minute cancellation and, 
could i come in in an hour?

here's the thing: 
i used to do lots of fun stuff to my hair - 
it was super short, medium short, red, brown, black, stripey, curly, straight...
and then for the last, oh, seven or eight years it has been same old same old. 
so i told maryann she could have her way with my hair: 
"chop it off if you want. but no mom cut." 
(you know, i may be a mom, 
but i don't have to look like a frumpy and short-functional-but-no-cute-haircut mom, right?)
um, she did. it's kind of short. 
but saucy, and fun. 
and who doesn't need a new haircut? 
new year, new me, right?
here are all of the longest layers, saved in a ponytail so that i can mail it in to locks of love.
so, goodbye long hair!


  1. thought you were commenting on that upcoming surgery

  2. YEAH!!!!! Good job. :) I love it!

  3. Your hair is so cute! And Locks of Love is such an awesome organizatoin. Yeah for you, Sooz!

  4. Good luck with surgery tomorrow!!! It'll be a long day for all of you, but she'll rebound quickly. Ben was reading books and playing with toys a few hours after coming out of recovery. Here's hoping for quick surgery and full insertion on both sides!

  5. Cute haircut! Haircuts are my favorite pick me up.

    Thinking of you 3 as you get ready for tomorrow...


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