Monday, February 16, 2009

a day in the life...

little m has full fridays: it's the day she has therapy at her school, and often the day she also has audiology appointments. the good thing is that it's matt's day off, so we can all go together; the bad thing is that it's matt's day off, so it's not really much of a day off.
here's a sneak peek at one of our fridays:
in the car, ready to drive to school at 7 am, tea + grapefruit to go.
the beginning of our drive when we'd all rather be snuggled in bed...
aunt robyn, in town for a visit, feeds little m some breakfast in the backseat.

ah, the joys of 880 south
i make phone calls: to our insurance to try and get her surgery approved, to the let them hear lawyer to check in, and to her doctor to make appointments.
we get down to her audiology appointment early and none of the hole in the wall places nearby are open for breakfast, so we resort to the only restaurant open: mcdonald's (little m's first time visiting the golden arches. sadly, she was mesmerized...) 
back on the road and headed to see the audiologist.
waiting at california ear institute. (they have really good magazines for a doctor's office...)
little m has a test in the sound proof booth to check what she is hearing with her hearing aids. aunt robyn holds her while annie and jennifer do the test. 
turns out, she's getting a teensy bit, but it isn't that much. 
there's always a little pain in my heart when the sound is getting louder and louder and little m isn't hearing any of it.
one appointment down! back in the car, and back on the phone with insurance.
we drive around for an hour so little m can take a nap in her car seat.
we have enough time to stop for some coffee before it's time to got to school.
we stop in the bookstore next door to peets when matt gets a phone call from his secretary. she says it looks like a fax came in approving her surgery with the correct surgery date, doctor and hospital! things are looking good!
back in the car to head for therapy with sharon! we love sharon and sharon loves little m.
little m is brilliant during therapy. as usual. no bias of course!
we work on all sorts of developmental things incorporating sound. 
here we hid a bird in this box and tried to see if m could figure out where the bird disappeared to + retrieve it from the box. 
then we make sounds associated with the bird, and do lots of, "i hear you want that? i want that.." we say those three sentences A LOT.
smartypants gets the bird. why she loves this ugly vulture toy is beyond me, but she does.
halfway through therapy 
we get a phone call from our advocate that little m's surgery is for sure! 
we are so excited!
(you may wonder what m is sitting in...we have to cover up all of the toys on this exersaucer with a  blanket during therapy so she doesn't get distracted and play with them instead of focusing on what we want her to play with.)
an hour later therapy is done, we make the hour drive home! 
it's finally nice and sunny outside.
finally home, it's time for some lunch 
then a nap for this busy little girl (not to mention the rest of us).


  1. I enjoyed reading about "a day in the life of little m". Congratulations on surgery approval, it sounds like it's definitely been a long battle!

    Lucas never once responded to any sounds in a booth before CI surgery. When we were there last week for his 1 month post-activation follow-up, and he responded at 30 dB, it was truly a miracle. One week will be here before you know it...

  2. little m is such a touch cookie! And so are you guys! You are so brave and tenacious.

  3. not to downplay anything else in this post - but the fact that she was mezmerized at Ron's for the first time made me tear up a little. a girl after my own heart ;)


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