Sunday, March 29, 2009

oh, i heart you, springtime, yes i do

matt's mom always has the most amazing garden going on.
i love ranunculus- they are my favorites, and her backyard is chock full of them right now.
i love them so much that i was not pleased 
when someone cut a bunch of my pretty ranunculus 
in my front yard two years ago. 
(did you read that? 
they cut, 
not just ripped out, 
but took the premeditated energy, 
to cut the flowers in my yard?) 
it just happened to be mother's day. 
maybe it was a coincidence, but here's my theory:
i think someone had forgotten to get flowers, 
so they stole my perfectly blooming, joyous reminders of spring. 
i still haven't moved on, as you can see.
so pretty.
{love, love, love}
pretty much perfect.
they are like a little pint sized version of springtime. 
or maybe tablespoon sized version, 
because a pint sized ranuncula would be pretty massive.


  1. These are beautiful flowers. I've never heard of them before. Maybe I'll see how they grow in FL.

  2. I'm thinking pint-sized ranunculus would be peonies, my favorite spring time flower. But ranunculus are my 2nd fave, and are sitting on my dining room table right now (from TJ's, not my garden, because I sadly have a black thumb - but I'm working on it!).

  3. i cut them.

    eat it.

    i hate giving roses, and your flowers were gorge. you should take it as a compliment?





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