Thursday, February 25, 2010

better late than never

i started this post a few days ago, but it got buried. somehow, our not-so-many-plans weekend filled up very quickly. not sure how that happened, exactly, but it was a nice balance of friends, family, frolic and then the not-so-fun saturday of packing up my studio.

weekend highlights:
  • friday lunch with dear friends, monte and kristy & their two girls, who are back for a couple of weeks from living in france. m was completely smitten with big sisterly sophie and elodie, even exchanging sweet hugs.
  • m experienced her first high school basketball game! it was honestly more fun to watch all the high school drama off the court-the overexcitable parents, the cheerleaders lounging on the benches and texting and flirting, the lame boys who think they are cool passing out hugs and high fives like they are candy, the different cliques gathered in their spots on the bleachers...ah, some things never change. seriously. it could have been 1992, the year i graduated high school, in that gym except that i don't think any of our cheerleaders had their belly buttons pierced with faux diamond studs.
  • matt has been cashing on in some of the birthday coupons i gave him last april, so we headed into san francisco to go to tartine bakery for breakfast treats!
(m was obviously really into the baked goods)

delicious cappuccino
*epic* quiche
mushroom/sundried tomato croque monsier
eh, good, but not as good as the last version i had there,
which had asparagus as the seasonal veggie...
apparently (according to my husband)
i squinched up my face and instantly communicated that it wasn't super delicious.
(maybe i just had really high expectations)
little m savoring every bite
the winners in deliciousness:
runnerup-almond poppyseed bread (foreground) &
(drumroll please)...
first prize-chocolate croissant (rear),
which was possibly the most amazing and perfect croissant
i have ever experienced in my entire life.
m entertained herself by drawing while matt and i tried to savor the treats for more than 3 seconds
do you live within a 50 mile radius of tartine?
yes, then go. eat. enjoy. and bring me back a treat or two.
so delicious.

do you live further away?
then invest in their cookbook, which i have (thanks luke & jennifer),
and which i highly recommend.
(especially the lemon bars!)

more weekend fun to anticipation of a new weekend on its way!


  1. Ummmm, yes, Tartine. It is one of the most perfectly delicious places on the planet. We lovelovelove the chocolate croissant, too...but I've also grown a penchant for the plain and almond, too...So happy to know you filled your bellies with such deliciousness!


  2. yummy. done. taking holly there next weekend when she's in town. thanks.

    also. high school sporting events rock. i've been thinking about going to a few stage productions this spring - can't say no to brownies baked by stage moms or pitchy renditions of ByeByeBirdie

  3. I LOVE the picture of M about to take a big ol' bite of that baked goodness. I always enjoy your photography, Sooz. You capture life's moments - both good and hard.


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