Tuesday, February 9, 2010

love in the mail

tonight i opened the mail to discover my first garland from
my garland of the month club that i purchased from my friend nicole's etsy shop!
(she also has an awesome blog here)

such a treat when today and yesterday have been kind of sucky.
i'm sick (again!)
last night found out that by a weird 11th hour fluke didn't get a house
that we put an offer in on and that i
i seriously cried.
it was perfect.
{i'm still sad}

so my heart garland
was a spot of joy
in my sickypants, dreary weather, bad news,
kind of week.

go buy your own garland (or 3 months or 6 months)
and look for your own bit of sunshine to pop up in your mailbox!

p.s. my other points of joy today:
  • my amazing sister-in-law chrissy coming over to babysit for me for 4 whole hours so that i could do the freelance looming over my head
  • the neti pot (which i just used to clear out my crazy stuffed head); thanks hannah for recommending it! i can actually breathe for the first time in a day and a half.
  • the best ever leftover shortbread cookies that my friend renetta gave us. yum.
  • my most favorite employee at peet's coffee, super dianna, who, as usual, gave me free refills & a little chocolate treat!
  • this little baby squirming inside of my abdomen, reminding me that even when my to do list is at a standstill, that i am very busy creating a human life
  • simultaneous naptime for my daughter and me
  • little m singing "bye bye cool" (bye bye school) as we left school today. smart little monkey!
  • surprise visit (and treats!) from my sister + supercute niece sadie while i was working at peets.
  • that as of right now, as in, any minute, i am going to go to sleep.
happy tuesday!


  1. I hope the virus season ends soon- get well! I am so sorry the house you wanted didn't go through. Especially since it was "the" house. Sigh... I hope you find something else out there that you really, really love!

    The garlands are very cute. Might have to think about getting one or two!

  2. I loved the point of joy about making a baby -- I remember that feeling so well. No matter what else was going on in my life, I knew that my body was doing something amazing and I didn't even have to remind it to do anything. It just knew what to do. I had another strong feeling like that a few hours after Ben was born, the first chance I had to be alone for a few minutes. I was so amazed by my body for what it had just done, and I just lay there and thanked it. It seems that we often deluge our bodies with hate speech ("fat, ugly, bumpy, whatever"), and really they deserve so much better.

  3. i'm delighted to make your day in some small way...even if you did pay for it.


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