Sunday, February 21, 2010

my friend lydia came over the other day to hang out and let me tell you why she is one of my favorite people -besides being insanely hilarious... she brought treats!
yummy salted caramels for me
these beautiful flowers-hello, i love, love, love ranunculas.
and orange ones?
so perfect for a dreary february.
a few days later and they are still going strong.
when little m was born, lydia bought her these awesome pink chucks.
let's just say they were a little big at the time, but as of this week they fit her perfectly (and m is obsessively wearing them), so she rocked the shoes while auntie lyd was over to hang out.
so lydia might be slightly kid-allergic in general (she prefers her kitties), but she endured m's countless requests to sing "ashes ashes" (also known as ring around the rosie), to push her around outside, and to play pretend tea party. (well done lydia!)

p.s. treats are the best. well, friends are, but friends with treats- the super best.

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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!

    your best blog ever ;)

    ps, your kid makes it easy to like kids :) real talk.


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