Thursday, February 4, 2010

so good (but so bad)

an open letter to whoever it was that initially opened the bag of chocolate and toffee covered almonds in our pantry:

do you even have the smallest inkling of the path of destruction you've led me on?
i've eaten almost the entire bag.
by myself.
in less than a week.
they are

team self control: 0
team delicious: 1


  1. Oh, yes -- I milked the "eating for two" idea as much as possible, even when one of those two was still only about an inch long and his daily calorie consumption was probably about one chocolate toffee covered almond. My MIL realizes the seriousness of my chocolate addiction, and sends me truffles when I'm in the thick of grading exams.

  2. Honestly, when does Team Self Control need to win any points?! That Team is so over-rated and lame. No need to worry--life needs a constant supply of chocolate to keep it happy, and your baby would probably agree.

  3. i agree with all. also, you should add chocolate covered pistachios to the mix. because they are ridiculously delicious.

  4. Just came across your blog. Little M is darling! Looking forward to learning more about her.

  5. self control = out the window when it comes to things like this. Mmmm, they sound so yummy ... I'm off to put them on my grocery list! We deserve treats like these, especially when it's for two!


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