Wednesday, February 17, 2010

drawing a blank

maybe it's that i've been sick.

maybe it is that i am pregnant so i am perpetually exhausted and could take a 3 hour nap at 9 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and still go to sleep at 8 pm. (that doesn't bode well when i usually do the bulk of my work when M is either napping or asleep at night. my to do list should be renamed the did nothing list)

maybe i am just out of ideas.

maybe it is because it is dreary outside.

whatever the reason,
i have freelance work to do,
hanging over my head,
and i am at a loss. no ideas.

valentine's day cards 2011,
you are thwarting me on a daily basis.
i seriously can't think of
any text,
any artwork.
in case you are wondering, usually i need to provide both text and artwork, so i am not doing too well at this point. yep, i am 0 for 2.

so i come to you, friends, what inspires you?

pretty please?
speak up you non-commenting blog readers & oft-commenters alike.
be specific- i need a muse (or at least a jumpstart).

xo, me


  1. i think i feel that i want to help you because i have been sitting at my desk with no drive to work on a new teacher training that i am developing....clearly not romantic or even sexy, but i feel you! so here is my attempt to help.
    *warning - i am not cute and creative*
    things that i love;
    ~the word - many levels to that word
    ~thoughtfully prepared food
    ~moments, in the midst of craziness, that you realize that you really have all you could ask for
    ~when corinne says "mommy i think chocolate will make me happy"
    ~the simple yet complete connection of jeff reaching out and taking my hand.

    love to you!

  2. They say...(insert something cute, puzzling, funny here).

    They know what they are talking about.

    (Who do they think they are)

  3. Eat more fiber.

  4. Try listening to the great jazz divas of the 20s through 50s. Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, all them folks. You could listen while napping and kill two birds with one stone. Somehow they always put me in a very romantic, langorous mood.

  5. just read some curious george books to roro. That'll spark some fire in the brain. Madeleine l'engle does some funky stuff in those books

  6. I find that pausing creative expectation and doing something non-thinking like cleaning the kitchen or paying a bill helps me out. (but that's hard to do when you need to produce something fast) Sometimes I try changing my environment, but that's usually a time-waster. If I really can't think of anything good, I go on the internet, find cool stuff and try and re-create my own version. Sometimes I share my ideas with my big sister and she has lots of ideas, she's very creative.

  7. P.S. there's an awesome 20's 30's radio station in Oakland, 96.1 or maybe 96.3? I don't know if it's your antidote, but it's fun.

  8. i hire others to do it...i mean look at my amazeballs logo!

    *sigh* that didn't help you at all, huh?

  9. sometimes taking a break inspires me. often playing the piano and practicing a song until i get it just right creates a breakthough. the amazing connections my 21 month old makes - ex.: yesterday we were loading the wash into the dryer and she told me who each item of clothes belonged to. the unexpected thoughtfulness of my husband in remembering something i never thought he would.


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