Sunday, November 30, 2008

the latest addition...

if celebrities were athletes, then maybe i'd know who had been traded to what team, who had the most rbi's, who had a record number of assists, and so on. as it is, i know pretty much nothing about sports. (ok, a little bit maybe, but don't hold me to it) with celebrities, however, i am a treasure trove of knowledge. i know that i should be embarrassed about that - that celebrity trash is just that, trash...and that it is a complete waste of time to pick up tabloid magazines or watch "entertainment news" on tv because it is all nonsense. that being true (and i know it is), i kind of can't help myself. it's just one of those things that's rooted way back in my childhood and i can't help but magically absorb fluffy celebrity news. (in summary, at the age of 5 or 6 i was playing dance routine with my friend terra in my driveway. she said she got to be linda carter and i was dolly parton. um, i had no idea who either one was, so i channeled dolly in the dance routine. later, i realized i'd been duped, linda was way cooler than dolly, and i resolved to never not know who i was impersonating again...pitiful, yes, and apparently it scarred me for life?) 

i know this severely damages my street cred as an intelligent person who thinks and talks about substantial issues, but i really, truly am defenseless when it comes to all things that could possibly pop up on the e! network. for instance, at both of my baby showers the games were celebrity related. (and i dominated the games, thank you very much. you want to know the names of celebs' kidlets? i am so your girl)

this brings me to today's topic: the latest addition to my celebrity sleepover. for years, i have been fully convinced that if i ever happened to run into reese witherspoon, we would bond like the oldest of friends and get along smashingly. i used to tell my roommates amy and nancy that if reese knew me she would come over and say, bake cookies with us, hang out at our place til all hours and stay for a sleepover. over time i've added a few others to my celebrity - but really just down to earth friends - sleepover: kate winslet, drew barrymore, jennifer garner. love, love, love them all. and don't you think they would be friends with me? i do.

well, a couple of nights ago, matt and i saw the movie rachel getting married. it was good, albeit intense & super-realistic about family drama and dynamics, and i left thinking: anne hathaway (who stars in the movie) is SO one of my celebrity buddies. she is completely invited to my sleepover too. i think she's fabulous.

(although she may want to change into something a little less fancy for hang out time at my house.) 

i'm realizing that i sound a little crazy in this post. rest assured, i am not a weird celeb stalker. i promise. i haven't even picked up a tabloid in months (except for that one that matt's sister left on our coffee table, but that just migrated effortlessly into my hands.) anyway, you can come over too: lots of food, good talks, and if my celeb friends don't show up we'll still have fun without them.


  1. um, did i ever tell you that i once wrote a letter to reese witherspoon but never sent it? you and i lived next door to each other then. i heart trashy info too. love you!

  2. haha. i love this. i am a sucker for trashy news!

  3. okay love this post
    and i'm sorry but kate winslet is coming to my slumber party with claire danes. also i thought you had invited minnie driver too? or are you guys not friends anymore?

  4. i am still bff's with minnie; i almost included her, but i already had too many pictures. plus, she's busy with her newborn son....i love that you remember that

  5. I so want to be at this party. My suggestion: bump Drew for Britney. Drew doesn't have any kids and will probably get bored pretty quickly with everyone gabbing about their children. Plus, Britney brings the crazy x factor that is guaranteed to liven up things a bit.



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