Thursday, March 17, 2011

beans, beans, the magical fruit

um, no, this is not a post about burps -which is what m calls gas. 
(i don't correct her because it's so cute & because isn't that a better word than fart anyway? although toot is pretty cute...)

m has been learning all about different sorts of containers at school-jars, baskets, tupperware, buckets, pails, tins, boxes, etc.

the other day i needed to rock a bunch of dishes 
(which by the way, i typically cannot take credit for- matt is the dish master in our house,) 
so i grabbed 
a. a bunch of different containers 
b. a variety of scoopers and diggers
c. a bag of white beans 
from our cupboards

and let m play away without any directions to see what she would do...
 she played forever!
 who knew these would be such a hit in the toy department?
 she scooped and dumped and poured and arranged and rearranged and trickled 
those beans 
this jar and that bowl and this cup and that sieve
all the while making up a very complicated and involved story 
that involved whatever she was doing 
(cooking at one point, school at another) 
with her imaginary friends.

happy daughter, new vocabulary enforced, dishes done.


  1. q's school had a bean table...he LOVE LOVE LOVED it. who knew?!

  2. This post and your pictures make me want to be a kid again.

  3. so great to find something to keep happily ooccupied, exploring, and learning. great idea!


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