Friday, March 4, 2011

excuse the mess

i'm fiddling around with my blog settings...and trying to figure out what i like. bear with me!

and matt and our friend todd, who is an electrician, are working down in the garage transforming it into a studio. there's a long way to go, but want a peek at what's happening so far? i've never been so excited to decide where outlets and switches go. it will be worth every penny.

i missed taking pictures when all of the old shelving was up all over, but you'll get the idea from strart to finish..

matt starts to demo...

 two truck-fulls to the dump, plus a big trash day!
 slowly but surely...
(matt winning bazillions of points in my world.)
matt's dad helped out a couple of weeks ago!
next up? insulation, windows & sheetrock.
so excited!!!!
happy friday!


  1. Winning hearts all over the map I must say. He's a good man.

  2. He is definitely a good man, Charlie Brown. I have a secret love for putting in insulation...I wish I could come over and play. See you in May...?

  3. um, can't wait for may! also, really??? insulation?

  4. yes. really. framing and insulation. secret love (that i suppose is not so secret anymore).

  5. where am i? who's blog is this? oh yours. i was confused. also when jonathan said 'winning' all i could think of was charlie sheen.

  6. i like your heading better- looks good

  7. thanks, bec. it is my very fumbling illustrator efforts :)


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