Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sneak peek

working on some potential mother's day and graduation cards for papyrus for 2012.
here's a couple of the rough sketch versions.
we'll see if any of them end up going into production!

haven't figured out text for this one yet, 
but i like the patterning concept.
off to crank out some more while ruby takes a morning nap & m is still in class.
happy monday!


  1. Have you ever gone into a Target, Aaron Bros, Barnes and Noble, Specialty Shop, or Papyrus Store and glance through the cards just to act interested so that the attendant would come over to see if you need any help? And then turn to them and say "no I'm just looking at the latest and greatest card that my sister has made". And then they ask which card does she make. Um lets see... I Love You this Much.... Courage... one of my favorites Ten things that make me happy..... Very Proud.

  2. I wish for the new mom: a day at the spa.

    as well as for all moms, let's just get that straight.

  3. U r so freaking creative!!! Hooray for YOU!

  4. Jonathan...yes, I have done this & they always tell me how they love her cards. :-)

    Susannah- thanks for sharing your latest!


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