Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the birth of a word

can you imagine having 90,000 hours of video capturing your family's daily life from the moment you brought home your first child? (scary, right?)

for those of you with young children, and even more so for those of you who have children with hearing loss, this is a fascinating video about how we learn words and language.

it is pretty incredible as the speaker, deb roy, breaks down the development of language, maybe even more so for me because when using auditory/oral training with our deaf daughter we have been so focused on intentional language acquisition.


  1. That's really amazing. Nolan learned language in the typical manner (since his hearing aids work so well), but Matt really struggled with speech acquisition (ironic, since he hears perfectly). It would be interesting to compare the language acquisition/development of kids with a speech delay or apraxia with the general population...

  2. this is amazing stuff...who is thinking about this. thanks fro sharing. how did today go?

  3. Um, My mind just was blown.


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