Friday, March 25, 2011

a few of my favorite things

happy friday!

the weather is drears-ville here, so a few of random favorites to brighten the day:

1. it's no lie that i love oakland. (every though if we were friends on facebook our relationship status would be it's complicated.) this print made the blog rounds months ago, printed on fabric. it sold out faster than i could grab one and now it's back on annilygreen's etsy shop, letterpressed on paper.
2. mass mayhem. well, not really, but a highlight of the week was watching our friends' nancy and keith's kids micah and myles. i figured if my mom could rock 4 kids at once by the time she was 31, i could too. (luckily matt's mom was here too to lend me a hand)

here's a rare moment of calm:

 3. when matt cooks dinner. for example:
 strawberries & roasted beets
 steamed fennel
dandelion greens with bacon and a poached egg on top
(since i don't like eggs, mine was egg-free & delicious)

4. low maintenance instant makeover: mac lipglass in viva glam v. a perfect daily lipgloss. one swipe makes one look cuter, even if you haven't showered and are wearing the same outfit you wore the day before, and the day before that.
5. since the demise of domino magazine, one of my faves, i've been missing it popping up in my mailbox every month. enter a couple of my new favorites in the last year: lonny magazine (online and in print) and anthology magazine(bay area based, online and in print.) if you live in oakland or close to oakland, the very best magazine store is issues, off of piedmont avenue. they have so many obscure magazines; i love to go check out their art, food and design magazines.
6. new to me music- the head & the heart. discovered this band thanks to my friend hannah. love it. take a listen!
7. the feeling of organizing. last month i cleaned out our junk drawer, and this week i've slowly been working on our other cabinets and drawers. makes me happy every time i open the drawers:
(can you spot matt circa 1982 or so?)

8. the book i'm reading right now- the house at sugar beach. loving this memoir, written by a liberian woman, detailing the authors childhood in liberia, west africa in the early 80's.

have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, those strawberries and beets look divine!!! We did CSA last summer (for the first time), and got tons and tons of beets. I'd never been much of a beet fan before, but that changed -- I now *love* roasted beets. Hadn't thought to pair them with something sweet, though. I bet they'd be good on a spinach salad with craisins, chevre, and a sweet vinaigrette.

  2. thank you for watching my kids (ang making them nice and tired for nap time). I heart you.

  3. ok so i found a difference in our likes...i LOVE eggs, in fact i think they might be the best food ever!


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