Sunday, March 13, 2011

more, more + a little more

{blooming outside of my front window! love, love, love.}

happy weekend!

saturday's sunshine has disappeared + sunday's rain and dreary is here. oh well.

for a while i've been meaning to add a spot where new readers could meet me or follow our story (of m's deafness) from beginning to the present, and anyone could click and easily find recipes i've posted instead of searching through the whole blog.

i've added a few tabs along the top of the blog (they are in process, but check them out in their initial stages of awesome.)

or you can click here if you want to stalk me
or here if you are hungry
or here if you want to hear m's story, or at least m's story so far told in my words

any other pages you'd like added? a favorite posts page? artist's i think you should know about page? favorite blogs page?

talk to me.


  1. fave blogs page too, please :)

  2. i am a big fan of the recipes link.

  3. What about a link about artwork (posts about your work, art you like, museum trips, etc)?

    And/or a link about crafty things (the posts with garland pics, etc)?

  4. Love the links idea! AND I am SO excited about the recipes link! ; )


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