Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hodge podge

a random post for a random sort of day:
(i can't find the photo credit for this lovely picture, but when i do, i'll post it)
first, a sicky sleep update: miraculously m slept all night long for the first time in over a week. 
and i went to bed at 7:54. aside from waking up in the three's to feed ruby, i got TEN hours of sleep. 
my body could use ten more, but hey, i'll take what i can get at this point. 
still feeling sick, but at least i slept soundly for the first time in a while.
very, very grateful.
(m and justice last spring- look how young my munchkin looks!)
our friends (including their 5 year old son justice & 4 month old maddux) who have been staying at our house for about a week flew home to philadelphia yesterday,
leaving little m without a big, cool boy to play with at all hours & an additional sweet baby to coo over. ruby will just have to do for the in-house entertainment.
meanwhile, my toddler suddenly looks like she is 15.

 my new favorite addition to matt's go-to recipes: this roasted asparagus over ricotta & bread, a recipe from david tanis' a platter of figs.
so easy, so good.
even 2 year olds devour it! (i witnessed the plate above instantaneously go bare after m gobbled this up & pleaded for more. that's my favorite- when she is bartering with and begging me for more vegetables- it happens with roasted broccoli and cauliflower too.)
 scrolling through my pictures i found this one of matt at his first princess party.
i had to share. (who would've ever thought that my husband would show his face at a princess party, much less help me convince our daughter to wear a princessy type hairpiece? matt is sandwiched between two of m's little friends from school, by the way.)
 love these moments with my daughter.
i want to go back here.
yep, that is a vineyard you see, right across the street.
this is the front yard of the awesome house we shared with two other families (and dear friends of ours) last week for matt's study leave. 
i'll share more in a separate post, but it was so good for matt to have time to study, 
and for both of us to reflect, share and intentionally talk through life, vocation, parenting, faith, and marriage with our friends. 
all with 5 children under the age of five underfoot!
(impressive, right!?)

hopefully on the road to recovery...
have a wonderful-if random-wednesday!


  1. the recipe is a riff on the david tanis one, but won't be found there.


  2. oh how do you get her to eat so well?? that picture has me wanting asparagus at 7 am! Aiden is going through a VERY picky stage right now and I wish I knew how to magically put veggies into Lucky Charms. Ugh. At least he's not protesting his fruits and turkey.

    LOVE, LOve, love all your pictures!


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