Saturday, March 12, 2011

dear saturday

{trouble 1 & trouble 2. keeping me on my toes all week long}

dearest saturday,

you are my favorite.
i really needed you to come through for me,

sleeping in until 7:45 (thank you husband for wrangling the little ones until then)
wandering around farmer's market
free samples of fruit and veggies
running into friends at the bakery
iced coffee & a breakfast scone
folding clean laundry
reading books on the couch with m
snuggling ruby
surprise play visit for m
the weekend new york times spread all over the coffee table
looking through our old italy pictures
family time all day
paints & projects covering our dining room table
a clean kitchen from counter to floor (all credit going to husband)
2 girls & a husband down for a nap

and it's only 2:30.


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