Tuesday, March 1, 2011


it's been a long week. 
i'm sick. 

my girls have been up at all hours for over a week, and so matt and i are exhausted from trying to wrangle m back into bed (she has double ear infections- yep, again) while she is fighting us with every ounce of strength she has. 

suddenly ruby is channeling her 6 week old self and thinking it is a good idea to wake up every 1-2 hours for sustenance. 
um, what! she is 9 months old!

deep down in my bones tired.
bottom line, i feel depleted and worn down. no good to anyone that i come in contact with.
and yet, i have friends who are going through much harder this week, so it is all relative.

grateful for this one:

(here he is demo-ing our garage to transform it into my studio-
more on that to come)

honestly, i would not be able to do it without him.

rock star sister-in-law chrissy took m to school today 
so i am going to rest small-small now and then try and squeeze in a bit of work. 

i think both of us are about to lose it if our daughters (sweet, amazing gifts that they are)
keep up these insane nights of tag-team, up all night, scream/awake/fuss fests.


  1. hang tight my friend.
    we are sick over here too but no babies to wake us!

  2. sweet friend, am sitting here at school and have been thinking of you. so hopeful your sick, sleepless self gets some rest and a respite from the past week's adventures of middle of the night wrangling and feed-fests. xo

  3. Sleep, blessed sleep. I hope you get some soon!

  4. no fun!!! :( wE should hang out in the middle of the night- sadie was up a lot of the night too- she's now sick. but i think roro has it a lot worse with the ear infections and the swollen eye. hope you get some rest today!! and remember my offer to chill with either of your girls in la tarde- sadie would love love love it!

  5. i feel your pain and desire to sleep! we also have two little ones under the age of three and i'm pretty sure we spent the entire last month with at least one person in our family sick. :( i hope you are able to get sleep and return to health soon!


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