Monday, March 7, 2011

happy birthday to my ears!

in a couple of weeks m celebrates her hearing birthday!
2 years ago on march 18th & 19th, m's implants were activated, 
so it was the first days she heard sound!

we'll be having a listening party,
with friends bringing their favorite songs to listen to at the party and then all year long.

what songs would be must-listens in your world? 
what song can you always get lost in?
or dance the night away to?
or brings you back to middle school or college days?

what song would you 
add to m's hearing birthday playlist?
comment below & i'll add them to our party soundtrack!


  1. maybe you could add Fireworks (song by Katy Perry)
    I love that song alot
    atfer one of the verses, it sounded like she said hearing aid LOL!!!!

  2. "Sing" by My Chemical Romance...

    "Sing it out,
    Boy, you got to see what tomorrow brings.
    Sing it out,
    Girl, you got to be what tomorrow needs.

    For every time.
    That they want to count you out,
    Use your voice,
    every single time you open up your mouth.

    Sing it for the boys,
    Sing it for the girls,
    Every time that you lose it sing it for the world.
    Sing it from the heart,
    Sing it till you're nuts,
    Sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts.
    Sing it for the deaf,
    Sing it for the blind,
    Sing about everyone that you left behind.
    Sing it for the world,
    Sing it for the world."

  3. according to your blog, the only song your daughter needs to tear it up is 'boom boom pow' on repeat.

  4. true, but that would be a fun party for just one person. my daughter. everyone else would leave after like 5 minutes of fergie on repeat. :)


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