Monday, February 6, 2012

almost famous

well, not really,
but since i posted about papyrus work this weekend,
i figured i'd stay on the subject!
this is one of my mother's day cards this year (minus that little "next" in the top right corner- i just took this screenshot since i don't have any samples of the final thing yet.)
this week i'm working on some mother's day concepts, 
both for your own mom and for a mom in general.
any kind of card you wish was out there that falls into those categories?
thoughts? inspiration? awesomeness to throw my way?


  1. well, look at you! all famous and shit...
    whimsical and authentic. there are so many reasons to love love love you. sigh (does that sound creepy?)

    1. i know- i was laughing at that. matt kept saying, "you're so whimsical"

  2. You should make a card for people who are moms but not your mom. You know what I mean? Like that Aunt who was always like a mom to you or your friend's mom who always treated you like one of her own.

    Just a thought. I haven't really run across any of these at the store.

    1. yes! natalie that is totally what i am working on...


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