Monday, February 20, 2012

what comes around goes around

my mom spent a lot of energy
my first eighteen years of life
telling me to stop writing or drawing on surfaces other than paper,
drawing with dry erase marker on the tile counters,
 or doodling on my own skin.
and now,
my own children
are giving it back to me.
all little m wants to do is draw inside of her books,
or on any scrap of paper,
or all over her body.

last week i left ruby alone for about 30 seconds and she had found a sharpie
and given herself a couple of tattoos.
how did i not learn to lock up my sharpies after that?

because a couple of days later,
matt's parents were here for a few days,
m drew with sharpie all over her own hands during her rest time, 
(since her mean mommy won't paint her fingernails, my daughter resorts to her own means)
and then when she got up she drew tattoos all over their hands.
if you want a free abstract and mostly temporary tattoo?
come on over to our house.
i have two very small tattoo artists.
just don't come during naptime.


  1. Q still comes home with "tattoos" on a weekly basis. we have red crayon mural across the backside of our couch. we have numerous artistic accents on our table and walls. maybe they will be amazing artists like you...? xoxo

    1. haha- EXACTLY. that's why i can't really say anything- after all, i did it all the time as a kid & i never understood why i shouldn't! :)

  2. Nolan would like to join the club of temporary tattoo artists. He regularly covers his arms in bright red marker (where does he find those things? WHERE?) - the first time I saw it I had a mini panic attack, because I thought he had burned himself, or was bleeding. Thank goodness it was just red sharpie.

  3. Not sure if it's common knowledge, but bug spray (the kind with the pump, aerosol, any variety works fine) is the best way to get sharpie off skin! When I was working at a summer camp, we would write Important Things To Remember on the kids' arms and bug spray them at shower time to wash it off.


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