Wednesday, February 29, 2012

you want to see scary?

otherwise known as your wish is my command.

yesterday, jennifer made the following comment regarding my post the other day about the awesome photoshop class i'm taking:
 so, during the girls' rest time yesterday, in response to jennifer's #1 thought, i spent about half an hour turning this photo:
into this ugliness (or fabulousness, depending on how you look at it):
yes, it is ridiculous, but maybe that makes it more awesome.
obviously i have lots of practice to do, 
but just look at the potential!

dear jennifer coffee slinger,
you can read my reply to your comment on yesterday's post.

(ps. if you want to check out the photoshop class i took, or the other ones available, go here)


  1. i just DIED. cant stop laughing. monrovia looks so much like you. especially in a hoodie.

    1. Haha I know. Poor thing has inherited so many of my genes! -S

  2. Now this is what Photoshop was created for.

    1. i'm happy to do your christmas cards next year. i'll make them a little less classy, a lot more flashy. ;)


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