Wednesday, February 15, 2012

sweet + easy= perfect

hope you had a sweet valentine's day!

i spotted this cute and easy tutorial on designmom for valentine's day.
since m has two schools to bring valentines to, plus extra non-school friends, we had a total of 70 valentines! yup. i started with 60 & it wasn't enough so i had to order more. 70!?! so, we skipped the 100% handmade versions that we've made the last two years, and rocked this version.

we started with a photo shoot with a lot of photo flops 
(i have about 100 versions of this pose, most of which did not work)
exhibit a:
finally i ended up with this loveliness:i took the picture into photoshop elements and tweaked it a bit & added some text & uploaded it to a one hour photo place.
then got out the exacto...
some dum dums...
and put a slit on the top and bottom of m's fist,
then slid the lollipop in & taped it in the back:
70 easy, cute & sweet valentines!
(m was very obsessed with these)
for her teachers and therapists we slid pencils in instead of treats:
not to be left out, ruby got her own valentine to give out.
(we attempted the same pose, but let's just say that valiant effort failed miserably)
xoxo from us to you!


  1. creative creative creative!! those valentines are awesome! i want to make some for my friends!

  2. We're going to need a DNA sample from the blood on the X-acto knife.


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