Monday, February 27, 2012

getting schooled

do you remember how i had oh so many goals last year for gaining some new skills?
i think i could take about twenty different classes right now, except for the fact that i am barely making it as it is with these two bundles of delight in my life. 
("it" being quality marriage time, relationships, work, school, keeping the house cleanish, playdates, and so on... i think we've covered this topic many, many times around here!)
if you can show me someone who really truly juggles everything with grace and effortlessness, 
that's the class i should be taking: modern mommying 101! 

you probably know that i do a ton of illustration for papyrus. i've been designing cards for them for 8 years now. but i do it all old-school! i handpaint everything, and then send them original artwork. they tell me it is one reason my cards stand out, since they look handmade. 

but the downside is that i never learned programs that i could use to simplify my process. i studied fine art in undergrad and grad school, and not design work. i sort of fell into the freelance, and now i love that it provides me with flexibility, steady income, and the ability to watch mindless tv while i work. (i'm kidding about that part- kind of)
so i've been trying to learn some new skills that i can apply to my freelance work.

last year i took a class in illustrator (you can see some of my homework here) from nicole's classes
and i loved it!
the class was all online, i could put in as much or as little time as i wanted, i could chat with the instructor if i had questions, and i learned the basics of illustrator!
(both months i took these classes were INSANE busy for me, 
so the fact that i could do it means anyone could. 

this month i've been taking another class in from nicole's classes in photoshop elements, which is a more user friendly version of photoshop (and the one that i already own and don't have to shell the big bucks out for).

i am learning a ton!
now i just need to figure out how to use these tools with my freelance work!

this week i learned how to swap heads in a photo
(i need to spend some more time on the final product, 
so be gentle as you look at the almost final product!)
the two photos before:

and after!
(i need to work on that hat up against my chin so ruby doesn't look like a floating head.
to my credit i was actually holding sweet ruby-all squirming, wriggling, bundle of energy 20-odd pounds of her-in my lap while i edited this picture)

for fun, and to practice some techniques, i took a quick self portrait
(the after is on the left and the before is on the right)

i've always hated my crooked teeth, 
so to hone my skills i gave myself some free orthodonic work and fixed my teeth, plus fiddled around with some wrinkles, flyaway hair and my eye color.
(don't worry, 
i love myself just as i am,
but it was fun to temporarily have the teeth i'd prefer)

i also learned how to make a styleboard!
so fun, right?
i know these are basic tools, but so glad i am learning them. 
it also reminds me that i love learning,
and whets my appetite to learn more!
(hmm...sewing, silkscreen refresher, more illustrator, cooking...)
what new skill would you learn or class would you take if you could?


  1. ummmm, sign me up for Modern Mommying 101!

    I just started my sewing class this past Saturday, so fun. Now, if I can only find the time to do it all.

  2. Workin' it Sooz. You show that Photoshop who's boss.

    1. thanks b :) you proud of your beginner sister? :) i might need some troubleshooting!

  3. 1) I was kind of hoping you were going to plop Ruby's head on your body and so on; but I guess what you did makes more sense.
    2) I ♥ crooked teeth.
    3) I teach a class in modern mommying.
    4) Who am I kidding? I have the going to work part pretty much down, but the rest of life can be so very difficult to manage.
    5) Since I'm pretty sure the Modern Mommying class is a pipe dream, I think I'll aspire to take a knitting class.
    6) I am ALWAYS impressed with how much you manage to get done in your life. Way to rock the new skills.

  4. 1) because i love you, read today's blog.
    2) i really SHOULD love them, because i'm not ready to invisalign myself, so these babies are probably going to be crooked until i'm old and shriveled and lose all my teeth and get straight dentures
    3)sign me up
    4)PLEASE, i've been to your beautiful, CLEAN house & every time i see you, you look ADORABLE
    5)don't sign me up for knitting; i can only take so much new learning
    6)you are as kind as you are adorable, miss coffee slinger

  5. dude you've got mad skillz. good to know. i'm now sending you my photoshop project. i kind of think photoshop skills are like owning a truck. everyone needs your help but it becomes a burden for the owner/creator.

    1. Word. Speaking of trucks, when do you get a minivan? Sooz

    2. my only photoshop projects will now be making myself look more awesome & trying to shave off the years of life my small children have already robbed from me.

  6. Replies
    1. ha- now you can give me pointers & i'll understand them! :)


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