Monday, February 13, 2012

catching up, babycakes

otherwise known as, a week in the life.
february 5-12

(sunday, team girl playing in the bird bath after gathering for a sunday worship service. 
um, super hygenic i'm sure)
(monday, hanging with some friends & discussing our hopes for the year)
(tuesday, while mommy's away for 2 seconds? ruby will play. and destroy a room)
(wednesday, i snuck a photo of these two snugglers while i was reading a bedtime story to them)
(thursday, enjoying popcorn at a playdate after school with m's friend sam)
(thursday, husband wins awesome award for getting a broken chandelier rewired &
hung after we've had for ages)
(friday morning, i stole away to peets to work on a photoshop class)
(friday, sweet i love you sign from little m as we drove to see great grandma (97!) in santa cruz
(friday, ruby gives in to sleep while driving)
(friday, a little caffeine &gloriousness to sustain me on our drive home from santa cruz)
(saturday, the fam- plus our friend peter- rocked a backyard workday & i made myself a succulent garden in a watering trough. more photos to follow, since i have a crush on the final product)
(sunday, who needs the space of a minivan when you can smash small children into a carolla like sardines? headed off to where we started at the beginning of the week)

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  1. Life is good, life is good, life is sure enough real good...


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